The Art of Perception

The Art of Perception

Every morning, most people look at themselves in the mirror. Women apply their makeup and do their hair. Men shave and do their hair too, that’s if they still have hair. We want to look good before we leave the house. We want people to perceive us as looking good. Therefore if we look good to others, then we would probably feel good. And so, we have already developed a perception of ourselves first thing in the morning. It’s the same thing that we have been doing for years.

The definition of the word Perception by the Collins English Dictionary: “Your perception of something is the way you think about it or the impression you have of it.”

We all have a perception of the world. Sometimes our perceptions change and sometimes they remain constant. One thing that I have learnt in life is how people’s perceptions of the world are very different. The interesting thing about this is that we all live in the same world, so why aren’t our perceptions the same? Some people feel that Donald Trump is a great president while others think he is useless. Some people believe we live in a great country while others have a very pessimistic view. Some people love winter while others loath the season. Some people love themselves while others detest their own existence.

As a Psychic Medium and Reiki practitioner, it is my job to offer people guidance regarding their lives. It is also part of my job to point out their talents and abilities and to show them their self-worth. One of my biggest challenges is to convince people of their strengths as most do not have any self-belief.  Their perception of themselves is distorted for many different reasons, even if the world views them as extremely valuable. Many people then ask me as to how they are supposed to change how they view themselves and how they are supposed to change their perceptions of themselves.

The Art of perception in my point of view is simple. The Art of perception is by changing your point of view. But most importantly it is also about practice.  Practice viewing yourself as special and worthy. Practice every day by meditating on your abilities. Practice on getting rid of negative and useless thoughts. Practice, Practice, Practice.

I always tell my clients to ‘catch’ their thoughts. Be aware of where your thoughts are taking you. Replace those thoughts with only positive affirmations. You will be really surprised as to how many negative thoughts go through our minds every day. By replacing it with only the positive and perceiving yourself differently, you may very well take yourself down a greater path.

Next time you look at yourself in the mirror change your perception.

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