Have you ever watched horse racing? Have you noticed the blinkers on the horses’ eyes? The horse is dashing at speed, and only in one direction, the direction that the jockey is directing the horse to go.

Fear, in many ways, is the “small” jockey on our backs. Ever noticed how you, the “horse”, are three times the size of the jockey. But, strangely enough, we are so terrified of the jockey that we just continue to run, with blinkers, in one direction. We don’t even question as to why we have these blinkers on in the first place. Where did they come from and who put them there?

With so many reading and healings that I have done, I have noticed that peoples’ biggest obstacle in their lives is fear. Fear of loss, fear of pain, fear of being alone, fear of the unknown and fear of their inner potential. Yes… potential. People are so afraid of what they are capable of that it makes them ill. It is so hard to believe, but I see it on a constant basis.

Imagine the horse just kicked the jockey off its back, ripped off the blinkers and ran to the meadows. It would be free and powerful. The horse doesn’t, as it is afraid.

Afraid of what?!

We are afraid that we will fail. We are afraid that we will disappoint, we are afraid of what people will think, we are afraid of the unknown.

I enjoy telling my clients that if they were on their death beds, and they looked back at what they could have achieved, would it not have been better to try than not have tried at all.

In my experience with doing healings, fear represents itself in many of my clients in the heart chakra. I have also noticed how the whole body may tense up as fear sets in. During meditation, focus on your breathing, still the mind and release your fear out to the universe.  Let the universe take care of your fear and relax. Focus on a stream of bright white light entering into your heart chakra and again, breathe and relax.

Kick the little jockey off your broad back and run at your own pace and most importantly, don’t forget to look left and right.

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